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Instructions to wear a red dress with style
July 15, 2018
Red Passion: Advice for wearing the color of autumn
December 10, 2018
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The red dress is the ideal choice for women who want to dare and express their femininity, unleashing a gritty, sophisticated and chic look.

Its emotional charge has no equal, it is a warm color that attracts, it is bold but elegant, it gives charm and sensuality to those who have the desire to leave their mark. These are just some of the reasons why any woman in her wardrobe can not miss a red dress!

But this is a difficult color to wear, especially if the object in question is a dress, the risk of mistaken pairing or being out of place is always around the corner.

Red, the sensual color par excellence, synonymous with passion, charm and style but also with royalty. In all its variants it is considered the most glamorous color in the world of fashion and all women love it because, you know, with a red dress you certainly do not go unnoticed.

The red dress you can show off if the event you have to go to takes place in the evening, possibly in a worldly location, if it is a party with friends, to feel really special and glamor. Approved the red dress if you have to attend a formal event, in which you want to feel sophisticated, original and, why not, also sensual. Since red is the color of passion and love, you can indulge yourself with red dresses, medium length or short and wanting with lace details, to spend an evening of lovers with a touch of fashion. Warm, gritty, jaunty and refined, red is a color that also emphasizes shapes and emanates a sense of security and determination.

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