We have already seen it on the catwalk and in the anticipations of the new autumn-winter 2017/2018 collections: red is the leading color for the new season that is about to begin, is a trend and turns on the fashion of passion.

So this autumn will be a blaze of red, a journey through all its nuances: from nuances that tend more to orange, through the bright red to the darker ones of the bordeaux. The password is therefore red, everywhere! Where will we see it? Fashion offers it practically everywhere: on coats and on clothes, but also on shoes and accessories such as bags and earrings. So be prepared, dear friends of Impulse, to see an invasion of red in your winter wardrobe. Who is a lover of this color and already wears it, knows it well: red or you love it or hate it, there is no middle way. Because any outfit, even the darkest, changes its appearance: just add a touch of red and the look comes back on. It is appropriate to say: red lights everything with passion!

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In some circumstances, the red color can become a real life saver: combined with skill, it is able to give that magical touch to transform a mundane and not very personal outfit into a gritty and interesting outfit.

The red dress needs no accessories or combinations, as the strong and firm tone must remain the only protagonist of the look. The forbidden combination is of course white or green if you do not want to look like a Christmas tree or the Italian flag. The bag can be combined with the color of the shoes or remember a different kind of color, while remaining neutral and simple. We avoid bags and accessories such as earrings and necklaces that are too eccentric to not look too confusing and funny. Red is a color that requires simplicity and creates a glamorous effect.

The color of passion, love, courage and femininity: combine and wear the red dress! The most glamorous color we have chosen, the woman: the red with all its nuances conveys passion, sensuality and even femininity and elegance. Wearing is not that easy, because it requires good attention and, above all, good combinations. Many of us avoid wearing red clothes for a casual look as they can be too stylish. In fact, red clothes, dresses and overalls have become inevitable. No matter at the event, whether stylish or casual, the red dress is definitely the best choice. Let’s see how it’s best combined!

First, we have to evaluate our complexion: Unfortunately, the red is not a color that brings something to everyone. But if we choose the right shade, we can not even give up the habit we fall in love with so much. If our skin color is clear enough, it is ideal to choose a warm color. If we have a pink and olive complexion, it is better to opt for a colder and darker color marsala.

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The red dress is the ideal choice for women who want to dare and express their femininity, unleashing a gritty, sophisticated and chic look. Its emotional charge has no equal, it is a warm color that attracts, it is bold but elegant, it gives charm and sensuality to those who have the desire to leave their mark. These are just some of the reasons why any woman in her wardrobe can not miss a red dress! But this is a difficult color to wear, especially if the object in question is a dress, the risk of mistaken pairing or being out of place is always around the corner. Red, the sensual color par excellence, synonymous with passion, charm and style but also with royalty. In all its variants it is considered the most glamorous color in the world of fashion and all women love it because, you know, with a red dress you certainly do not go unnoticed.